Repair, Piering, Mudjacking and Wall Straightening
Just because your foundation is settling doesn't mean you have to settle for an overpriced structural engineer. When it comes to your home, choose a reliable contractor with the expertise required to deliver quality foundation repair services on time and on budget.

Concrete Lifting and Leveling

If your concrete is sinking, settling or sagging, our injection and lifting solutions are the perfect answer.

How Does Concrete Lifting and Leveling Work?

Mudjacking, Concrete Raising, Lifting, Sandjacking, and Slabjacking are similar methods of fixing an uneven surface.

Typically what happens is a professional will need to drill several small holes into the area that is declining or sinking. Once these quarter-sized drill holes are completed, we inject different types of products to lift the area from underneath. What’s used to lift it will change based on whats’ best for the area. Things like a masonry compound mixture or a closed cell polymer expanding foam that is completely safe for the environment are used. The concrete surface will slowly lift back up until it is level with its original setting. After that, we seal everything up so it’s strong and secure.

Where can you get this done?

Concrete raising can be performed just about anywhere that you have sunken or settled surface, which include:
sidewalk cement lifting repair

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Seams and Seals
  • Garages
  • Basement Floors

If you consider the expense of replacing, just lifting concrete can be extremely affordable. It can frequently only take a couple of hours to complete the job, or in smaller cases with the right conditions there are environments where raising concreate areas allowed them to be used almost immediately after we finish the job. It’s definitely worth looking into this solution, as it is a highly affordable and cost effective approach when compared to other ways to fix the problem.

Fixing a Settling Slab

Settlement can affect all types of structures, regardless of what they are built upon or how they were built – the structure and the environment supporting it are two different parts that are easily shifting and changing over the years for any number of reasons. Whether you are dealing with a sinking slab in your basement, garage, driveway or patio, a cracked sunken slab with an uneven surface that can easily become a safety hazard.

fix cement slab driveway mudjack

Is Concrete Setting Normal?

Sinking concrete and ground settling are very common. When the soil is not compacted properly, if water runoff is not channeled properly, or when natural settling of earth over time take place, it can always happen.

The easiest and fastest way to fix without breaking the bank by removing it entirely and replacing? Just to fill the voids under the concrete, which will subsequently lift the concrete slab to it’s original height.

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Basement Waterproofing Services

Basement Wet, Musty or Leaking? Time to Waterproof Your Basement

When your basement is wet, cracked, or smells musty, our team is just a phone call away from handling the most challenging issues.

Your home is your largest investment. A quality waterproofing system with the necessary repair work should be completed by a trained team of basement waterproofing specialists who diagnose and provide contracting for these services regularly.

Our basement waterproofing experts are here for you, homeowners that have a damp basement, leak and foundation repair and basement issues realated to water, mold, leaks and so on. Ensure that you get the perfect solution for your needs as a home owner that doesn’t create more concerns later on and avoids future troublesome issues.

How Does Basement Waterproofing work?

By contacting PV Foundation Repair for a free quote and diagnosis of your basement waterproofing needs, our experts will meet with you to discuss your specific water problems in detail. We’ll inspect your home inside and out for issues related to the basement area leaks. Once that’s been completed, we lay out a plan of action corresponding with your home’s unique needs and your spending budget.

We can install a variety of waterproofing products, including sump pumps and drain systems, to help with keeping this area underneath your home dry, safe and healthy.

Examples of some of the Basement Waterproofing services our Pros provide:

  • Injection into Concrete Cracks
  • Basement Foundation Wall Repair with Epoxy Injection
  • Sump Pumps and Interior Weeping Tile Drain Systems
  • Lateral Drain and Window Well Installation and Repair
  • Basement Foundation Wall Repair using Polyurethane Injection
  • Repair of Cold Joint/ Electrical Panel/ Honeycomb Leaks
  • Waterproofing Interiors and Exteriors of basement

We specialize in all areas of your home, saving you the hassle and cost of contacting multiple contractors. We are industry leaders in the areas of Foundations and basement repairs and we deliver unparalleled workmanship on every job.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Contact us at (913) 225-8237 for any of your basement water proofing needs.

Foundation Repair and Leveling

Simply the Best Foundation Repair Professionals You Can Find

Solving your foundation problems fast is our priority. Cracks in walls, uneven floors and sagging ceilings are no match for our pros!

Do you have cracks in your foundation? Notice bowing walls and uneven floors? These aresigns of foundation failure! There are many causes for this and it is wise to call ina foundation expert to source the problem. Our exclusive foundation repair products can provide you with a quick, affordable solution so you can stop the problem before it begins to grow into a much more expensive issue with extensive damage.

Call today to set up a free foundation repair estimate and inspection, there’s no reason to be concerned about the quality of our professionals and the work we provide!

Signs of Trouble Ahead with Your Home’s Foundation

trouble ahead for cracked foundation repairDо уоu have сrасkеd wаllѕ? Dооrѕ that wоn’t close? Bulging flооrѕ?Anу оf thеѕе саn be signs оf foundation рrоblеmѕ. Foundation ѕеttlеmеntсаn lеаd to mаjоr ѕtruсturаl problems wіthіn уоur hоmе. Luсkіlу there аrе wауѕtо rераіr a соnсrеtе fоundаtіоn without hаvіng tо tеаr іt out аnd ѕtаrt frоm scratch.


Fоundаtіоn ѕеttlеmеnt аnd mоvеmеnt requiring fоundаtіоn repair саn be саuѕеd bу:

  • property bеіng buіlt оn expansive clay
  • соmрrеѕѕіblе or improperly соmрасtеd fіll ѕоіlѕ
  • improper mаіntеnаnсе аrоund fоundаtіоnѕ.
  • simply being an older hоmе built with weak or outdated materials
  • ѕuѕсерtіbility to climate and environmental рrоblеmѕ nearby

Whаtеvеr thе саuѕе, ѕеttlеmеnt саn dеѕtrоу thе vаluеоf ѕtruсturеѕ and even rеndеr thеm unsafe. If you ѕее signs оf fоundаtіоn dіѕtrеѕѕ, dоn’tdеlау іn gеttіng the problem ѕоlvеd. Thе lоngеrуоu wаіt, thе more уоur foundation wіll ѕіnk andcause further costly damage. Fоundаtіоn рrоblеmѕ саn thrеаtеn уоur home investment bу саuѕіng ѕtruсturаl dаmаgе rеԛuіrіngсоѕtlу fоundаtіоn repairs. It’ѕ іmроrtаnt to have a professional lооk аt уоur fоundаtіоnаt the fіrѕt sign of foundation ѕtrеѕѕ.

Foundation Wаrnіng Sіgnѕ You May Observe

  • Arе аnу wіndоwѕ оr doors ѕtісkіngwall crack from foundation broken
  • Is it hard to ореn or close your doors?
  • Dо уоu ѕеe large gарѕ іn windows оr door frаmеѕ?
  • Iѕ thеrе a сrасk showing in the іntеrіоr рlаѕtеr wаllѕ?
  • Hаvе уоu seen several nails or nail pops that protrude frоm сеіlіngѕ or wаllѕ?
  • Hаvе уоu seen or noticed аnу bowing or lеаnіng walls?
  • Dоes the flооr арреаr unеvеn or angled in certain rooms?
  • Has the сhіmnеу started beginning tо lean at an angle?
  • Iѕ the foundation ѕіnkіng and it shows visibly near steps and around the outside?
  • Hаvе уоu ѕееn pools of wаtеr around your fоundаtіоn?
  • Dо уоu ѕее any ѕоіl ѕераrаtіоn near уоur fоundаtіоn?
  • Cаn уоu see cracks on foundation walls, the соnсrеtе wаllѕ or slabs?

Moving quickly to avoid additional damage is the key, as it will only become more expensive to repair over time. So dоn’t wаіt untіl a problem bесоmеѕ a rіѕk tо your fаmіlу and the significant іnvеѕtmеnt that your home represents.

Call Prairie Village Foundation Repair today to get a free estimate from a professional expert trained in these types of repairs.

Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

We’ll fix your uneven floors, foul odors, mold and structural damage in your home’s crawl space.

Trouble in Your Crawlspace? Trust Our Professional Solutions!

Why Homes Have a Crawl Space

Homes that are on cement slab foundations usually have a crawl space to provide an access point for electrical, plumbing, ventilation and gas hook-ups within the home. Many times a home that doesn’t have a basement will still require that it have a crawlspace or partial crawlspace in an area of the home that gives accessibility to various HVAC, wiring and conduits that serve the home.

When you have a crawl space, it’s much easier to get to these items and areas if there is something requiring installation. So your crawlspace is used frequently when the cable provider comes by or electrician, or perhaps any other common repair to piping, the ventilation system or a similar service provided to your home.

The other reason these exist is for flooding or flood-prone areas where it is possible that water will need a place to go before taking over what sits above the foundation – your home or property. Usually there is a system to pump this away from the home or allow it to drain away from the area after it is overtaken by water. In these cases, it’s even more critical to ensure that there aren’t any troubles with the system.

Some common issue that will arise:

  • Bugs, Animals and Rodents
  • Environmental Exposure Openings
  • Mildew, Fungus and Mold
  • Inadequate Insulation

If your residence or commercial property is experiencing structural decay, has poor air quality, or is serving as a breeding ground for a thriving mold colony, it’s time to address the issue before it’s too late.

Solutions for Crawl Space Issues Include:

Fixing or Installing a Sump Pump

The sump helps by removing liquids, which basement waterproofing pros will most likely focus on first.

Crawl Space Repair

Repairing the barrier around the crawlspace on the exterior or installing a vapor barrier on the interior to seal it.

Insulation of the Foundation

Helping to retain temperatures above or reduce cold floors and climate-based impact of basement on the environment above the area.

Our Crawl Space Solutions

We deliver complete crawlspace service, installation, insulation and repair to ensure that you have a long-lasting solution. The result is a a passive barrier for radon, insects and stopping warm, humid air from outside so all of these things are unable to entering the crawlspace to threaten the integrity of your home.

Your crawlspace can easily be an overlooked area that requires attention and protection from these types of risks. If moisture and humidity are allowed to take root in the area, the exposure to extensive mildew, mold, wood rot, and pest damage is apparent. Due to the nature of airflow requirements of every home and ventilation systems that are commonly installed, the impact on your home’s health as well as those who live in the home are very important. Sealing, securing and repairing your crawl space will ensure that your home is safe and serving it’s purpose with higher energy efficiency for years to come.

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